In the words of the developer in my team who recently implemented the Drupal WebFM module on our intranet - "it's a dog. A bloated dog, at that".

Was also thinking that zip file ingest would be a nice feature, but recursive ingest is more important IMHO - I'll grab the Fez SVN source and check out the filemanager shortly. I might see if I can weasel batch importer improvements into the project plan ;-)


On 20/02/2008, Christiaan Kortekaas <> wrote:
Hi Matt

We haven't updated the batch importer, however the new workflow 'add datastreams from network SAN by group' uses an ajax file manager that will traverse directories. It's pretty good and GPL compatible.  Check it out here:

Looking at the one you posted I think this phpletter one might be better, or at least we've already integrated it. You'll see it's files under fez/filemanager/.

If you can it would be great if you could improve the batch importer using this one! Another thing we've talked about is making the batch import code able to handle zip files (and perhaps subdirectories) as files that should all be applied to the one object (not one object each). Some others have mentioned they would like it to be able to automatically get a metadata file (of random format X) and extract stuff via custom xpath settings in the gui for where to find certain things like authors, title, etc but that would be a step ahead of just getting the previously mentiond stuff done.


On 20/2/08 10:13 AM, "Matt Painter" <> wrote:

Hi guys,

Has there been any thought on recursively ingesting contents of directories on batch import? Perhaps providing an checkbox option to do so could be an idea.

Related to this, a nice-to-have would be to integrate an AJAX file-manager in Fez, such as WebFM:

If these features are something deemed useful by both you and the team here, I may have the opportunity to add the functionality myself and release the code back, but it won't be for a number of months.


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