Thanks Christiann.

So even if I re-config php I don't need to recompile php?

Thanks again for helping

On 5/22/06, Christiaan Kortekaas <> wrote:
Hi Mary,

You only need to recompile PHP to include extra php core and extension modules.

You do not need to recompile PHP if you change Fez PHP scripts (that would be a nightmare!).


Mary M wrote:
> Hi Christiann
> We have the PHP installed on unix already, and it has everything that
> required except the tidy. So we need to recompile the php and need the
> admin to do it....would the recompile be requried after the fez is
> running if we need to do something on fez? and php configuration? if
> this would often be the case then we would be very limited on the
> development.
> Regards

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