Hi to all,


you might be interested to know, that http://www.fedora-commons.org/jira/browse/FCREPO-393 (Fedora 3.x) also applies to Fedora 2.2.4. This leads to occasional unavailability of the Fedora AccessServlet and Fez cannot access Fedora at all.



- Fedora is unavailable for 600s (10 min)

- Fez detail page is unavailable


After the credentials timeout of 10 min (see bug report), Fedora becomes available again. The bug seems to be coupled with parallel ingests going on, but it is not coupled directly with high server load.


Workaround for Fedora 2.2.4:

- recompile fedora OR

- comment out all EnforceAuthnFilter filter-mappings in the Fedora Tomcat web.xml (make sure the Fedora Port - 8080 by default - is closed for all incoming traffic but Fez)


The issue will be solved in Fedora 3.1. That said - are there any plans for Fedora 3.x support in Fez?


Cheers, Kai




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