Hi again!


I’m getting a strange situation here! I think this is an error in FEZ (at least 1.2).

I get an error when I try to delete an object that is in more then one collection.


I go to the http://localhost/xampp/fez/workflow/list_workflows2.php?pid=lpce:143&cat=select_workflow&xdis_id=110&wft_id=28&href=


And when I do the delete get a page error (the normal browser window not possible to present page) and do a go previous button and get this error:


Fatal error: Call to a member function getXSDMF_IDByXDIS_ID() on a non-object in C:apachexampphtdocsxamppfezincludeclass.record.php on line 1483


I noticed that the record is purged, but should I get this error?


I also noticed that the refresh and “redirect to page” behavior dont work in /fez/workflow/list_workflows2.php. After you perform the task like delete/edit metadata it goes to the /fez/workflow/end.php but dont do the refresh and redirect.

I think it migth be a simple behavior process thing...but I’m unable to solve it.



Thanks in advance