I'm not shure if this is an error (or in my translation I changed some names I shouldn´t) but I get an error when I try to order results (in /fez/list.php?collection_pid=lpce:39&order_by=Research%20Program):

ERROR: Array ( [0] => DB Error: no such field [1] => SELECT r1.*, x1.*, s1.*, k1.*, d1.* FROM lpce.fez_record_matching_field AS r1 INNER JOIN lpce.fez_xsd_display_matchfields AS x1 ON r1.rmf_xsdmf_id = x1.xsdmf_id INNER JOIN ( SELECT distinct r2.rmf_rec_pid, sort_table.sort_column as sort_column FROM lpce.fez_record_matching_field AS r2 INNER JOIN lpce.fez_xsd_display_matchfields AS x2 ON r2.rmf_xsdmf_id = x2.xsdmf_id AND x2.xsdmf_element='!sta_id' and r2.rmf_varchar='2' AND r2.rmf_rec_pid not in (select distinct ai3.authi_pid as aip from lpce.fez_auth_index ai3 where (ai3.authi_role in ('Lister', 'Viewer'))) INNER JOIN lpce.fez_record_matching_field AS r4 ON r4.rmf_rec_pid = r2.rmf_rec_pid INNER JOIN lpce.fez_xsd_display_matchfields AS x4 ON r4.rmf_xsdmf_id = x4.xsdmf_id and r4.rmf_varchar = 'lpce:39' INNER JOIN lpce.fez_search_key AS s4 ON s4.sek_id = x4.xsdmf_sek_id AND s4.sek_title = 'isMemberOf' LEFT JOIN (select r5.rmf_rec_pid, min(r5.rmf_) as sort_column FROM lpce.fez_record_matching_field r5 inner join lpce.fez_xsd_display_matchfields x5 on r5.rmf_xsdmf_id = x5.xsdmf_id inner join lpce.fez_search_key s5 on s5.sek_id = x5.xsdmf_sek_id AND s5.sek_title = 'Research Program' group by r5.rmf_rec_pid) as sort_table ON sort_table.rmf_rec_pid=r2.rmf_rec_pid order by sort_table.sort_column , r2.rmf_rec_pid desc LIMIT 0, 50 ) as display ON display.rmf_rec_pid=r1.rmf_rec_pid LEFT JOIN lpce.fez_xsd_loop_subelement s1 ON (x1.xsdmf_xsdsel_id = s1.xsdsel_id) LEFT JOIN lpce.fez_search_key k1 ON (k1.sek_id = x1.xsdmf_sek_id) LEFT JOIN lpce.fez_xsd_display d1 ON (d1.xdis_id = r1.rmf_varchar and k1.sek_title = 'Display Type') ORDER BY display.sort_column , r1.rmf_rec_pid DESC [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column 'r5.rmf_' in 'field list'] ) C:apachexampphtdocsxamppfezincludeclass.collection.php 972

Did I translate anything I shouldn't or is this an error?

Thanks in advanced