Hello all,


I’m new to this list (and to fez and fedora actually). I was recently tasked with migrating our old server running fedora 2.2 and fez (version, unknown, my best guess is it’s an svn export from roughly revision 1303).


I’m trying to move everything to a new server, and at the same time, upgrade fedora to 2.2.4 and fez to, well I guess svn trunk or release-2.1 from svn (which ever might be best). My problem is that I’m a bit lost as to how to upgrade without losing any of our data. Or does it even matter?


I get fedora up and running, and I can re-index the data, and I can poke around with the java gui and everything looks like it’s there, but fez just isn’t happy! If I try to do the upgrade process for fez, it fails with the error:


The upgrade failed (At upgrade '2008022700') - check error_handler.log.


If I ignore this, the site mostly works, but it can’t fetch stuff from fedora, and re-indexing fails. I’m just not really sure how to proceed. Is there a way to simply rebuild what’s in fez’s DB? Can I just start with a blank DB and then re-index or something?


Any tips or pointers would be of immense help!