I set viewer and lister for a community to a particular user.  When I log in as another user, I can still see the community in the list of communities.  If I click on the community, the page that would list collections displays a message “No records could be found.”  I would have expected the community to not appear in the list of communities since lister restricted the listing of the community to a particular user.


Is this behavior correct?


To Reproduce:

-          Login as admin user

-          Select security for a community

-          Set lister, viewer, creator, editor, approver, and community admin all to the same single user

-          Logout

-          Browse Communities (notice the restricted community is not in the list)

-          Login as a non-admin user who was not the one set in the security for the community

-          Browse Communities (notice the restricted community is in the list)

-          Click the restricted community – get the error message about “No records could be found”


I’m using Rev 1333, but browsing through the rev rss, I didn’t see any changes that looked like they would effect this behavior.