We have just set up a new installation of Fez 1.3 RC3 to use for our current production needs.  I tried to create a community and got the following error…


Fatal error: Call to a member function setTemplateVars() on a non-object in /var/www/html/onramp-fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php on line 81


The error log has…


            [2] =>     [0] => DB Error: no such table

            [3] =>     [1] => INSERT INTO fez.fez_workflow_sessions (wfses_usr_id, wfses_listing, wfses_date) VALUES ('2','',NOW()) [nativecode=1146 ** Table 'fez.fez_workflow_sessions' doesn't exist]             


Looking in phpadmin, the referenced table does not exist.


Two questions…

1)       Is Fez 1.3 RC3 the full release of 1.3?  I call it Fez 1.3 RC3 because of the credits at the bottom all the pages.

2)       Did we miss a setup step that would have created that table?  The table does not exist in the test version of Fez 1.3 that we have been using for a few months.  (It also says Fez 1.3 RC3 in the credits.)