Hello! We are four developers who have been working two months to complete the new Norwegian learning resources pages, based on Fez 1.2 Beta. It was released to day.
We have done several improvements to the Fez code and would like to submit it back the following days.
- Usability is improved, we have used usability experts
- RSS syndication of searches and new recourses
- Improved search
- Smarty cache
- Spell check searches, like Google’s “did you mean”
- New count method, based on filter
Test the pages here:
http://utdanning.no/laering/ (everything is in Norwegian)
We just love feedback :-)
Utdanning.no is an portal under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
The Ministry’s aim with the gateway is to contribute to increased access to resources, services and content on the net, so that the educational interests and needs of the individual and the general public can be accommodated in the best possible manner. The gateway shall contribute to improving the quality of Norwegian education, be a catalyst for increased use of ICT and new learning resources, and stimulate more people to engage in continued education.
Greetings Yngve Bergheim