We are trying to upgrade our fez 1.2 version to version 1.3 on RedHat 4.0. 


The sanity checks related to the background process are failing with the following error: ‘DB Error: extension not found’. This error is produced when calling the ‘DB:connect’ method in fez/include/class.db_api.php file.


We have verified that Pear DB module is correctly installed and launching a little php script executing the same method out of fez is also working.


After some analyses, it seems that fez is not finding the php.ini configuration file.


We have tried to explicitly indicate the location of the php.ini file in the APP_PHP_EXEC variable.  In this case we don’t get any more the ‘DB Error: extension not found’ error, but we got another set of errors that are not much better.


I would like to know is somebody else has encountered this kind of problem or has any idea of how we can solve this problem.  Any help will be welcome since we are really blocked…


By the way, just note that the upgrade in windows xp has been done without any problem.


Thanks a lot for your help!