After I login (admin/admin) and go to the page 'Create New Fedora Community Display Record', the 'XSD Display Document Types' panel does not display the available list of xsd's. It merely shows 'Fedora Collection Display Version 1.0', with no other data. 
Of course, this is a required entry, without which the created instance would be meaningless. 
I'm using the CVS of Fez with Fedora 2.1 (released Feb06) with Apache 2.055, PHP 5.05, MySQL 5.015 on a WinXP box. 
All config. seems OK, as I compared it against a working Elated 2.1 setup on Tomcat. Even though I am useing MySQL 5 instead of one of the late version 4's, I know that Fedora is being accessed, because, when I navigate to 'Index Fedora Objects into Fez' page, this page correctly lists all the demo PID sample stuff which comes with Fedora. 
also, the Apache error log reveals a suspiciously-related issue with a Smarty matter:
PHP Warning:  Smarty error: math: parameter x is empty in C:\\htdocs\\fez\\include\\Smarty\\Smarty.class.php on line 1102, referer: http://localhost:8005/fez/manage/doctypexsds.php
(possibly when executing the line:   $tpl->assign("list", Doc_Type_XSD::getList());
Have any known issues with this display list been reported? I cannot find any. 
Any feedback at all would be appreciated.