Hi Everyone,

I’m running into a problem with records not getting displayed in the browse screen.


If I’m logged in as an administrator and browse my collection at: I get 4 test records listed.  


If I’m logged in as a normal user and visit the same link the records don’t get listed! I’ve checked the security settings for the records and they’re all set to inherit. The Community and Collection that they inherit their security from doesn’t even have any security boxes ticked.


Unusually, if I go (as a normal user) to I can see the versions of the collection along with links to records of the collection. By clicking the links I can view the record. This would also indicate that it’s not a security settings problem or I would get an error saying “Sorry, you can’t view this screen”.


Has anyone experienced this problem before and would be able to offer advice? I’m using 2.1-RC3 with “workflows.xml” that I believe it was Peter who gave me on  March 18th.