Error generating tiff and bmp thumbnails

  • leo_holmberg

    leo_holmberg - 2007-05-31

    We're uploading some file formats that don't seem to be handled well by the fez
    eserv.php display (e.g., tif and bmp)

    No thumbnail or preview images are generated for files with these formats and when we click to open them, they fail to display.

    Using a firefox browser, a URL is returned. For example, see :

    Using IE, an error message is returned:
    Fedora error
    An error has occurred in the Fedora Access Subsystem.

    The files appear to upload correctly and do not seem to be corrupted. We can view the uploaded files if we bypass the fez display, for example:

    I'm sure this has got to be some kind of local configuration error. Any help and/or tips
    would be appreciated.

    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2007-05-31

      Hi Leo

      If you goto:
      then you will see the tiff so this means image magick is not converting the tiff into thumbnails successfully.

      Can you check:
      1. ImageMagick is installed
      2. The fez path to the 'convert' executable is correct. (In linux check with 'which convert' and compare paths.
      3. If the above two look correct then try running a command line tiff to jpg conversion in the command shell and see if image magick give any errors.


      • Matthew Smith

        Matthew Smith - 2007-06-01

        Also try running the setup/sanity_check.php


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