Set Rights when creating a record

  • Qing

    Qing - 2006-05-29

    Dear Christiaan,

    When creating a record, it doesn't show the "rights" element. Could you tell me how to set up? I tried to manage XSD Displays for XSD OAI DC, but seems not help.
    Existing XSD Displays:
    Title Version Object Type XSD HTML Matching Editor Clone Display
    Fedora OAI DC Collection Display (4) Reference Edit Clone
    Fedora OAI DC Community Display 1.0 (4) Reference Edit Clone
    Image OAI DC Display 1.0 (4) Reference Edit Clone
    Simple OAI DC Display 1.0 (4) Reference Edit Clone
    Standard OAI DC Display 1.0 (4) Reference Edit Clone

    Any more guide for admin? Pls help!

    • Matthew Smith

      Matthew Smith - 2006-05-31

      Looks like you have a few variations of OAI DC displays. These map the elements in the XSDs to the update and entry forms in the workflows.

      When creating a document, usually you select the base document type. This will be a foxml based display. So when you edit the Fedora Object Display, you should see any document types you can create. You then find out which OAI DC Display is being used by clicking to edit the Display that you want to create - try 'Generic Document'.

      In the foxml tree there is an element called xmlContent (in the datastream/datastreamVersion xpath). Click this to see all the attached XSDs that will be associated with the object. Click on the link for the 'DC' xsd. Scroll to the bottom of that form and you'll see the name of the Display for the OAI DC that is the correct one being used. You can then get into editing the display for that XSD. (right click on 'Edit' and open in new window is my advice)

      Now click the dc:rights element and set it up - make it a 'Text Input' and make sure that 'enabled' is checked.



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