sanity-check error and some other issues..

  • Bengt Neiss

    Bengt Neiss - 2007-11-14


    I have installed Fez (latest trunk approx. 11/nov/2007 or so) and Fedora 2.2.1, php5, apache2 and mysql 5.0.26 on a Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1. Everything seems to work but I have a few issues I would like to have some input on.

    I have followed the installation instructions on Fezwiki, a mix of the installation guide and the example installation of Fez SVN trunk on RHEL5. I have chosen not to install the GeoIP packages.

    1. Since the names of the different rpm-packages seems to differ some between RHEL and Suse I have made some educated guessing on which packages to install, however I can´t find libdbi-dbd-mysql in the Suse repository and haven´t installed this package. Does anyone know if this package is needed and what features in Fez are using it? I can always download it from sourceforge I guess...or maybe it´s 'hidden' in another package..

    2. When running the sanity-check I get the following error:
      Failed: Fedora Direct FEDORA_DB_DATABASE_NAME = 'fedora22' Failed to query DB. Check that the specified database user has permissions on the Fedora database. Check that the database password is correct. Check that database name is set correctly. DB Error: DB Error: no such table SELECT dopid FROM doregistry [nativecode=1146 ** Table 'fedora22.doregistry' doesn't exist]

    The database, userid, password and table does exist. Maybe it´s an error in the code or perhaps a missing libdbi-dbd...;-). When I run the admin interface i Fez I can get all pid´s from Fedora for indexing etc. so everything seems to work... Any ideas?
    (No problem running the following - SELECT doPID FROM fedora22.doRegistry - from Mysqladmin)

    1. In Fedora we have some digitised content with a records containing just metadata and no datastreams, like a one record for the digitised book, and another record for each digitised page with info on the datastream. When I index the 'book'-record in Fez, it kind of vanishes into the void. I can see it as an indexed item in the admin interface but it never shows in the collection. The records (page) with a datastream shows up in the collections just as they should. Why? (We are just starting to test Fez, so it might just be some lack of knowledge on my part...)(when indexing I used the document type 'Book MODS 1.0')

    Well, thats all I think..



    • Bengt Neiss

      Bengt Neiss - 2007-11-14


      Just a follow up on the third issue. When I indexed the first 'Book' record I forgot to choose values to Community and Collection, that´s why I couldn´t find it. New ones show up as they should. However, if I try to reindex the first one with correct values - nothing seems to is still gone..


      • Lachlan Kuhn

        Lachlan Kuhn - 2007-11-15

        Hi Bengt,

        SVN Revision 1177 should fix the problem you are seeing with the sanity checks.



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