How to create a new XSD

  • Tassos Arvanitis

    Hi again,

    I'm trying to create a new XSD that will inherit all fields and displays from DC, FOXML, FezMD and FezACML just like the Fez default types (BookMD, JournalMD etc.)

    I created my XSD Source and a new XSD Display (reference object type). After that, in Fedora Object XML, I cloned an existing XSD Display (eg BookMD) and renamed it. Could you give me some details about what elements I should change to complete the creation of the XSD Display?. Is there any doc or guide about the configuration of "XSD Tree Match to HTML Elements Form"?


    Anastasios Arvanitis
    National Technical University of Athens, Greece

    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2006-05-15

      Hi Anastasios,

      You are almost done.

      In the XSD to HTML Matching Editor for the FOXML display for your new display you need to:

      1. Click 'datastream' in the left frame which will load up the datastream metadata in the right frame.
      2. Click the BookMD sublooping element link under 'Existing XSD Looping Subelements' to reload the frame with the BookMD in edit mode.
      3. Rename BookMD to your new MD type eg AnastasiosMD and click 'Update XSD Looping Subelement' to save the change.
      4. In the left frame click 'xmlContent' to load the sublooping element options in the right frame.
      5. In that right frame choose Link for 'AnastatiosMD' "Link to XSD Match Field for this Subelement Instance". This will load the right frame with the BookMD (now AnastasiosMD existing details) which is already of the type 'XSD reference'.
      6. Under 'Existing XSD References' check the box for 'BookMD' and click delete in that 'Existing XSD References' sub-form. This will remove that reference and refresh the form.
      7. Under 'Manage XSD Display References' choose the Anastasios XSD Display reference you created already before these steps, give it order '1' and click 'Add XSD Display Reference'.
      8. You are done. Now try creating a record of that type. You may need to edit your collection to add your new 'Anastasios' record object type XSD display as a type of template that can be created under that document. Then it will show up in the drop down box under that collection.

      I'm sorry there is no docs or guides available yet for this admin interface.


      • Christiaan

        Christiaan - 2006-05-15

        Hi Again,

        I forget that to add that you will also need to go into datastream.ID, datastreamVersion.ID an datastreamVersion.Label on the left frame for the AnastasiosMD sublooping element and update the static text for each one. Static text is hardset text that will be put into that element by Fez, and not from the user input form.

        It should be obvious what to change the static text value to, for example datastream.ID static text value will be 'BookMD' which you should change to 'AnastasiosMD'.


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