trunk issue on index from fedora

  • pclux

    pclux - 2007-07-04

    Since approximately trunk 801 I'm having issues on the Index Objects/Discover New Fedora Objects page which returns a blank page. This is persisting up to trunk 813 where everything seems else seem fine with this exception. There is no error generated .... just a blank screen.

    Rolling back to trunk 801 has resolved the issue temporarily....

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    • pclux

      pclux - 2007-07-04

      Followed up on this....this the error in backtrace and similar in error_handler.log
      [0] => DB Error: no such table
      [1] => SELECT pid, dctitle AS title, dcdescription AS description FROM dofields ORDER BY cdate DESC [nativecode=1146 ** Table 'fedora22.dofields' doesn't exist]

      include/class.fedora_direct_access_2_2.php 90
      In my fedora db, tablename dofields is camel cased (doFields). I edited include/class.fedora_direct_access_2_2.php on line 86 to the following

      function fetchAllFedoraPIDs() {
      $table = "doFields";

      replacing $table = "dofields" to "doFields"

      Everything is working fine now....

    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2007-07-04


      If you run the fez/upgrade script you will see the message that you need to add some FEDORA_DB prefixed variables to your file. Also look at your error_handler.log file to see if there is a related error.


    • pclux

      pclux - 2007-07-04

      Yes, this was after running upgrade and adjusting the variables in for the DB...I will check the error_handler.log file for errors and double check my settings.



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