a7corsair - 2007-06-07


I want to try my luck in Fez XSDs and HTML Match editor! To do that, I want to make fez, while ingesting a new object, to add a new datastream, like MODS, fezMD, fezACML. Actually, I want to have the metadata in DDI standard (Data Documentation Initiative) so I want to create a new datastream in Fedora that holds this kind of data.

My steps in Fez:
1) Go to "Administration" and then "Manage Document Type XSDs".
2) Create a new document type XSD with name 'DDI", top element name "codeBook" and namespace "DDI". You can find here the SD schema: http://ddi-alliance.cvs.sourceforge.net/checkout/ddi-alliance/ddi/w3c/Version2-1.xsd
3) I press the edit link under the XSD Displays.
4) I create a new record type XSD Display named "DDI Generic Document" and then I press "edit".
5) At that point I guess I have to see the HTML editor. Indeed, but I cannot see the structire of the XSD on the left hand side! Am i doing something wrong?

My view is that the xsd file (from the above address) is not well formed? Or something like that! Does Fez need a special XSD?

Best regards,
Kostas Stamatis