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Communities, Collection... and records!!

  • a7corsair

    a7corsair - 2007-07-02


    Fez supports, let's say, 3 levels. Communities, collections and records.
    However, sometimes this can restrict somehow Fez application as follows:
    If we want a repository for many Institutes then these institutes can be the Fez communities.
    The departments of these institutes can be the collection. But if then want also to classify the Laboratories within the departments, this is not possible using Fez. Is that true?
    I guess that using the organisational unit, you can build a tree with depth as much as you like. But you cannot us it for building the structure of Fez?
    So, how difficult is to make Fez support n levels? I mean, make it like windows filesystem? Top level Folder. Inside folders or files, inside the new folders new folders and files again and so on?

    Is it possible with the current svn version of Fez?


    Kostas Stamatis

    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2007-07-02

      Hi Kostas

      It is fairly simple to make fez support n hierarchies. This can be done with changing one line of code from memory (it's in the fez mailing list archives...).

      Hierarchical collections are something we will support in the svn soon, but we need to add some integrity checking so there is not an infinite loop of one collection C belonging to collection B which belongs to collection A.. and then someone setting A to belong to collection C. You can see we would have some infinite loops and the Fezacml inheritance would be a problem.

      Fedora was designed to allow for proper semantic graph relationships, and although it can support heirarchies this is getting to be a fairly old fashioned way of presenting data.

      Having said that, yes we plan to add and support this feature in the near future. You could follow Jonathon Harker's advice about how to turn it on now with current code if you like. His email is in the fez email archives.


    • a7corsair

      a7corsair - 2007-07-02

      Dear Christian,

      I managed to do it, by reading the mailing archives.
      You are right about the infinite loops...


      Kostas Stamatis


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