any internationalisation going on?

  • Juerg

    Juerg - 2006-04-07

    My clients ask me if there is/will be a version translated to German?
    Is there anybody at work to do a translation, maybe even to German?
    Would be interesting to hear of the experience of anyone translating to another language anyway.
    Thank you

    • Matthew Smith

      Matthew Smith - 2006-07-18

      Hi Trond, I didn't see this before (i have email alerts for this forum but they weren't turned on in may). I'll investigate how to better incorporate this stuff into Fez.


    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2006-05-06

      Hello Juerg,

      There are no current plans to translate Fez into other languages.

      It could be done relatively easily as most of the presentation is seperated from the code as it uses 'Smarty' for templating.

      I haven't looked into it in great detail but it would be a case of copying the templates/en directory to templates/gr and manually translating html template files underneath from english to german. Then changing the Smarty template configuration to use gr instead of en.


    • trond7

      trond7 - 2006-05-29

      How to set smarty template configuration?

      I have found the APP_TPL_PATH =….. "/template" path in the file, but where do you set the "/en" path?

    • trond7

      trond7 - 2006-05-29

      I think it would be a good idea to start thinking about internationalisation.

      One way to do this is off course to translate the template files directly, but this is probably not the best way to do this.

      The more common way to do this is language support by DB lockup or XML language files. Especially the I18N Package is something that should be considered.

      The easiest way is probably language files, but width the disadvantages of being inefficient compared to DB. But this shouldn’t be a problem width smarty, using cache on the templates files.

      I don’t have any experience width Smarty and how they deal width language support, but it is several plugins and discussion around internationalization.

      I need to translating fez into 2 different Norwegian languages, and would prefer to do this in a way that this could bee shared width others.

      But if we want to run this kind of process it should be something the “fez project managers” must be involved inn to succeed in separating language/internationalization logic.

      Maybe the internationalization bit should run as a separate language process?
      Here are 2 language projects used by several well known software projects.

      At least it would be nice to have a discussion on the topic her, before I start hacking the template files.

      Any successions / comments on this?


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