FEZ OAI provider features

  • gyani

    gyani - 2007-09-06


    I am evaluating FEZ and would like to know if FEZ OAI provider supports custom SET's and metadata prefixes.

    Is there any documentation available on the oai-pmh (data provider) features of FEZ
    thanks in advance,

    • Christiaan

      Christiaan - 2007-09-07

      Hi Gyani

      The Fez OAI provider currently only supports OAI_DC but supports all the OAI 'verbs' and passes all the tests on the www.openarchives.org OAI-PMH tester.

      The OAI provider is on a fez site like this eg: http://fez.yourorg.com/oai.php

      It wouldn't be very hard to make it support other xml datastreams coming directly from Fedora like MODS.

      The sets Fez uses are the Fez controlled vocabularies and Fez ismemberof (rels-ext) relationships to an objects collection/community parents objects. It would be relatively trivial to modify the fez class.oai.php to add other set types based on any of the 37 fez search keys (eg journal name, publisher, document type etc)


    • gyani

      gyani - 2007-09-07

      Thanks Chris,

      I would love to see that happening soon, I would be customising Fez form component for a QDC (application profile) ingest and would like to see the QDC being disseminated by the oai-pmh data provider.

      About sets, The use case is to tag few records as inactive/incomplete and test dissemination specifying the set=Active parameter.



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