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Update (1.2 Beta 2.1)

o. 'Artists' directory of media library now displays album names (and they're active, so you can browse easily).
o. Media library now supports quick searching.
o. New Vista compatible 256x256 icon for the main program file.
o. Fixed wrong build (debug) bug found in FLAC codec.
o. New, fast and easy-to-use tag editor for 'Ripping' window.
o. Some updates in installation/uninstallation programs such as automatic uninstallations...
o. There were some bugs in the visualization system, fixed them.

Posted by S-Silva 2009-02-24

New Release 1.2 Beta 2

Version 1.2 beta 2 of Fennec Player is out now! With numerous new features including FLAC, wv (WavPack), ape (Monkey's Audio) playback/conversion, headphone preview, batch tagging, enhanced converting and ripping windows, help documentation (in development) and so on... Source code packages will be released soon.
Don't miss the audio quality of 64 bit floating point internal precision!

Posted by S-Silva 2009-02-07

New Release

New version: 1.2 Beta 1

* Full Unicode support and easy localization.
* 64-bit floating point audio processing with 8/16/24/32/64 bit fixed point and 32/64 floating point output.
* Mulit-channel playback and conversion.
* Module playback (mod, midi, it...).
* Musepack playback.
* AMR playback and encoding.
* Resampling for sound file formats.
* Raw audio playback (updated).

Posted by S-Silva 2008-01-29

New Package

Fennec Player 1.1 Beta 1 installation.

Posted by S-Silva 2007-10-28

New Release

New (first) version - Fennec Player 1.1 Stranger, with conversion, tagging, ripping and more!

Posted by S-Silva 2007-10-06