Iikka Virkkunen - 2001-09-21


I managed to compile FElt on Mac OS X 10.0.4. It seems to work, although I haven't had time to do even a simple patch-test to see if the results are reliable. Anyway, here's how I solved the few hick-ups on the way (it was a simple process, so I did not bother to do a patch-file):

    1. X-server is required (see e.g. the XonX project at sourceforge)

    2. libXaw3d is not included in the default Xdarwin configuration (which I used), so you need to install it separately. A binary package is available at http://www-jlc.kek.jp/~fujiik/macosx/memo/HEPonX.html

    3. For some reason at leas two separate allocate.h files include "malloc.h", which seems to be unnecessary, so I created a dummy malloc.h file with "touch include/malloc.h"

    4. src/Burlap encountered a problem with linking: drand48 and srand48 were missing. So I activated the following lines in the src/Burlap/matrixfunc.c -file (they were under an #ifdef DOS condition):
# define srand48 srand
# define drand48 rand

    5. That's all.