I was wondering if the felt project is active, ie whether new code is written or a fresh release is planned. The reason is, I have made various changes to the source code and I really hoped that these would be included in the official version.

I have posted in the mailing list in the past and tried to email the developers directly, but got no response.

Anyway, if anybody wants to check it out, I push all my patches to a public git repository, located at http://github.com/pavossos/felt (also mirrored to http://repo.or.cz/w/felt.git). No release yet, as I hope that these patches will be included upstream. Instead, things are organized around the following branches:

- master: this is basically the 3.07 release from upstream, with two minor bugs fixed.

- release-3.8: this should behave the same way as 3.07, but includes a _lot_ of code cleanups
(no pre-ansi code, correct function prototypes, plus other improvements). Testing welcome.

- next: this is the main development branch, with the features that will be included in the next version.

Contributions are welcome, just clone the repository at github and notify me, either via email or with
a pull request. I would love if the official devs replied, as I intend my changes to be included in a future
version of felt.