siyavash - 2002-03-06

Hi, I have a GForce-II 64MB card and 1GB RAM on a p4-1700 running win2k server. Running DirectX8.a or something ( the latest ).

When try to start the emulation, it gives me this error in log :

gfxDrvDDrawCreateSecondaryOffscreenSurface() DDERR_OUTOFMEMORY
gfxdrv: Failed in allocate secondary offscreen surface in local videomemory (on card)

Out of memory ?

I DO WANT TO PLAY CannonFodder! :)
But WinUAE SUX! It's too complicated to get to start and when it starts, it's VERY Slow! and crashes while saving the game, the memory-save state doesn't work at all in WinUAE too..

Your application is cool, please fix this out of memory error soon! :( or tell me how to fix it ?...

ps. How can I get out of memory ? with 64MB memo on the card ?;)