Who has sound?

  • Brian Juul Nielsen

    Hi, people. I have played around with WinFellow, and I have never had any sound. Are there other people here, who once didn't have sound, but now has? If so, I would like to know what you people did to your system, to get the sound? Hardware or Software changes..


    You people who has the sound, and always have had it. What is your configuration?


    • Anonymous - 2000-05-26

      i had sound no problem from the very beginning, its probably hardware related, what soundcard do you have?
      i've got a AWE64

      • Brian Juul Nielsen

        Hmm.. I've got a Gravis UltraSound PnP, which is pretty rare. Maybe that's it..


    • chand ghei

      chand ghei - 2000-05-27

      Well I had the same problem when I started to use WinFellow.I played a bit with the sound setup,
      and finally I got it working.

      Configuration: Play Sound, 44khz, Stereo, 16 bit, Original

      - Chand

      • Brian Juul Nielsen

        Well, thanks. But that doesn't work for me. Maybe because of my weird soundcard (Gravis UltraSound PnP). But if I choose "Stream to WAV-file", the resulting WAV file contains crystal clear, and perfect Amiga sound.. More weird stuff: If I leave WinAmp open, when I start the emulator, the sound is there!! But the emulation runs really sloooow, and the sound is "chukky" (if that's a word..). But at least, it's there.. Why the h.. is that..?


    • Anonymous - 2000-06-26


      I really get no sound - but I don't have an exotic or rare soundcard: Soundblaster 16 PnP.
      I've tried all possible settings in the sound options, but... no chance.
      O.K. - it's an early alpha version and I really believe that this will work in the future.
      If someone has an idea indeed...???


    • Alexnath Tomas

      Alexnath Tomas - 2001-02-05

      unfortunally i also havent sound. only when dumping to a .WAV file :(

      soundcard: turtle beach tropez plus PNP (chrystal chipset) winnt4 sp6 233mmx


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