• Matthew Cruickshank

    (apologies for posting in the wrong forum)

    I'm still having problems with Exile in either UAE or my prefered emulator Fellow (which is fast and zippy, yay!).  Anyway, Exile' scrolling jerks about the screen and there are all kinds of visual artifects.  It looks like mirrored sprites aren't mirroring (I can face right in the game, but when I face left I dissapear - objects in the game and scenary are affected in the same way).  Also, a green layer comes out from objects and scrolls about at a different speed to the normal layer.  I've put some screenshots of the problem up at http://holloway.co.nz/exile/exile1.jpg  http://holloway.co.nz/exile/exile2.jpg http://holloway.co.nz/exile/exile3.jpg

    The first shows how it should look, the 2nd and 3rd images show how it doesn't render correctly.

    If anyone could offer advice i'd appreciate it.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2000-10-29

      Yes, I too would really like to see this game working on Fellow. It is a superb game and a classic, and it is unfortunately impossible to find an emulator that can run it.


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