Sven Larsen - 2002-03-11

i was getting really enthusiastic when i found that one of my fav games ever, psygnosis' "walker", was getting beyond the loading procedure with the latest snapshot of winfellow (lasttime i tried was with the last dos fellow, as far as i remember). i got past all the other intro/loading screens and so on and the actual game started... and there was only one thing missing, the walker's sprite itself, to be precise, which is a pitty, since the rest of the game is working like a dream.

i already played a bit with the winfellows cpu/mem/gfx settings, though... without success.

from what i've heard, this seems to be an general issue with winfellow, but i was just curious if there isn't a way to get around this with the current snapshot, since my pc isn't sufficient to run WinUAE at a good speed.

thanks for reading, please excuse my bad english!