new dev? sweeet.. a few feature requests

  • breech

    breech - 2004-10-24

    great to see some action on the fellow front guys..

    I run winfellow in an arcade cab.
    a few features i would like to see include:

    disable sound without returning to gui
    save states (or Action Replay) - assignable to single keys for quicksave/quickload
    floppy drive swapping without returning to gui (shift-f12 or something)
    improved keyboard remapping
    fit screen to specified size
    hardware streching? (probably not worth the performance hit)

    a nice addition would have F12 being a pause/menu with options for frequently used functions

    -toggle joy1/mouse
    -next dfX:
    -toggle sound (& speed increase)
    -toggle disk DMA
    -toggle LEDs
    -toggle floppy audio


    • breech

      breech - 2004-10-25

      mapping mouse buttons would be handy


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