v1.0 (example)
Sam Ruby
Atom (11)

When validating Atom 1.0 feeds where the content (with type of
XHTML) contains   entities the validator returns an error saying
it's an undefined entity.

Example feed: http://bryanschwegler.com/index.php/syndicate/atom/

Seems that   is a valid XHTML entity so I'm not sure why it's
giving an error.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ok, never mind, I'm just a complete moron and forgot that we're talking about
    XML entities here and not XHTML :-). Problem solved :)

  • Sam Ruby

    Sam Ruby - 2005-07-25
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rubys
  • Sam Ruby

    Sam Ruby - 2005-07-25

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    I see that you have changed this to   in your feed.
    You also seem to have & in your hrefs and titles on
    your anchor tags. The simplest fix is for the former to be
    changed to   and the latter to &.

    Now, more background. The XML specification only
    pre-defines five character entities: lt, gt, amp, apos, and
    quot. It also defines a mechanism by which a DTD can define
    more. By including the XHTML DOCTYPE at the top of your
    document, you are importing a bunch more entities.

    As your Atom feed does not have a DOCTYPE, you don't have
    access to these entities. There are a number of solutions,
    the simplest and most interoperable of which is to replace
    the named character reference with a numeric entity reference.

      for   for example.

    I'm keeping this bug report open to remind me to improve the
    error detection and reporting.

  • Sam Ruby

    Sam Ruby - 2005-08-01
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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