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I also started to make a list with things that need IMHO some changes,
so i'll post it here:

    * When Feedreader is open (so not minimzed in thesystemtray) it
      does not have a button on the taskbar. Imho having a button on
      the taskbar when the app is not minimized would be very usefull.
      (added this already as an RFE
    * When there is an error with a feed (parse error, hierarchy
      error,..) it would be nicer if that feed in the tree would be
      coloured red or marked somehow instead of the (annoying) error
      message. (Sharpreader has a nice manner of marking feeds with
    * Feedreader doesn't save the state of folders
    * Like carl set, updated items should be marked in a different way
      (sharpreader by example shows them in italic instead of bold)
    * In comparison to sharpreader updating my feeds (about 60-70 i
      think) takes a lot longer. Sharpreader seems to do this
      multithreaded, while feedreader seems to do it one-be-one, could
      this be changed?
    * also nice would be to show a different icon in the systemtray
      when there are unread items

Kind regards and Thanks for the nice app!!

Carl Youngblood wrote:

> I have been using feedreader successfully for a while now. Overall
> I like the program a lot, especially how fast and lightweight it
> is, but I have a few problems/annoyances. In case these are
> helpful at all, here they are:
> 1) I can't delete a folder that I no longer want. It is a
> subfolder underneath a main folder that is underneath "My feeds".
> 2) I'm constantly seeing old articles highlighted as being new,
> even though I just recently read them. I also see a number of
> duplicate articles. I'm assuming that this is because the articles
> are being updated slightly, or at least something in the downloaded
> data is slightly different, and feedreader is assuming that it has
> downloaded a new article when in fact it is the same as another
> article that has already been downloaded. There should be a way of
> identitying a few very basic characteristics of an article and
> using these as a unique index to prevent duplication. Updates to
> articles would be written over old versions, and the user would
> have the option of flagging these as unread or not. 3) When a feed
> gets some new messages, I see many numbers in parentheses piling up
> next to the bolded feed text, such as "Slashdot
> (7)(7)(7)(7)(7)(7)(7)", but when I click on the feed those
> duplicate numbers disappear. 4) It'd be nice to have some browser
> buttons in the preview pane that allowed you to move back without
> having to right-click on a blank area and click back.
> As I think of more issues I'll try and post them.
> Thanks, Carl Youngblood
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