Marcus Hettlage wrote:
I've started to reorganize the released Source-Code.
I started by removing the ICOM-XML-parser. The code
now uses only the XDOM-parser
Another component I've already exchanged is the Tray-Icon-component.
I replaced it with CollTrayIcon, because this is available with Source.
That's cool. Then I choosed tnotificationicon component, there was something that made me not choose cooltrayicon. I guess, it was this bubble notification. But at the moment, I have made feedreaders own notification dialog, there is problems any more.
The next thing I did was to start restructuring the code. I started to
eliminate unused code and started to restructure it, so that it can
be extended a little bit easier.
Ehh... That's me. Actually this is quite only program I developed in Delphi, that's why I maybe did not use the best technicues. Second problem is lack of comments. Code is quite ;) understandable to me, but others are in little trouble i guess.
The next things I'm going to do is change the handling of the
display in the TreeView. I'd like to see an option to enable a bold font
for feeds that have new messages, i.e. like Outlook Express.
This is the thing I thought about, too. Only problem, is that I could not get standard treeview to do that. Extremely cool treeview component is here: , but it's not dropin replacement.
Another thing I'd like to add is a kind of "import the browser favorites"
and check them for updates as well. For me it would be sufficient
if I knew that a page was changed. I don't need more special logic
in this area. But maybe someone else?
What do you think, if we modularize feedreader. So we have one module for "web page updates" and second module for example for nntp (newsgroups) servers and so on. Feedreader will only trigger update procedure and shows headlines from modules.
I've already implemented a kind of "Newspaper"-feature, that
displays all unread messages on a single HTML-page.
This feature is nearly identical to the one in NewzCrawler.
Actually Feedreader has internal webserver, so user could check all headlines from another computer (if on the road for example). It's nice if we integrate the look of both views (webbrowser view, and internal html-page view).
As I've already said I'm not yet ready with my planned restructuring.
This will create a lot of new units. I think I should finish this before
I put the Source back into the CVS. I hope that I'm through until the
end of the month.
What compilers will we support?
I've currently only Delphi 7 Pro available. What about you?
I have Delphi 6 Ent,  but the nicest thing will be, if we could get Feedreader compiling on Delphi 7 personal. In my opinion users could  use it for free.