Currently I can't reproduce the problems Kyle described.
I'd like to fix it but I've no idea where it could happen.
As I said I don't have the problem.
Toomas ::

I have compiled and tested CVS version. Before new release i'd like to commit some features i wrote about in previous email. I guess I can do it today.

I think that there is some little problem with automatic updating engine. I notice that if i let FR to run for example one day it can stop updating feeds automatically. Only program restart helps. Even if I push update button, it does not trigger update.

And what about bugs that Kyle wrote about:

1) Feedreader sometimes write invalid XML to one of its data files

2) when reading the file back in, it fail to parse, then fail silently with
no error message, yet lose the "read / not read" status of every item in
every feed.  (Code which fails silently in there is an error, is an
extremely bad idea, by the way.)


Marcus Hettlage ::
What about a new release?
I think it's time for it. I've fixed some
bugs and we've got new features that
users requested.
Has someone tested the current source-version,
except myself?