#158 Webserver: use relative links, HTML file names?



I was hoping to use the Webserver feature of FeedReader
to allow me to read cached RSS feeds offline, e.g. on
my iPaq. However, the way FeedReader currently works
is making this impossible. I have tried several
methods, with no success, and I think I can explain why:

1) GNU WGET: this succeeds in downloading the data, but
I can not navigate any further on the offline copy

- the link to the content on that homepage has been
created as an Absolute link of the form "<a
href=/channel/63246848205763>rss feed</a>. Because the
data is now localized, if I follow the link the browser
tries to load the data from file:///channel ... the
root directory of the computer - which is not where the
data is. The way out is to use only Relative links:
from the "home page", all this requires is to leave off
the first "/" of the URI.

2) IE Offline Favorites
This method can be used to cache the web data for
offline reading, following the links in the page, but
it does not work on the FeedReader "Webserver" at all,
returning "no data" when you try to Synchronize.
- If you save the Webserver link as a Favorite under
IE, specify "Make Available Offline" to cache the
content locally. Save the bookmark under "Mobile
Favorites", and the data is cached on your mobile
device (e.g. iPaq) and can be read that way, totally
- you can test offline working by telling IE to work
offline (File menu) and selecting the favorite: the
cached data should display without being asked "do you
want to go online?"
- I suspect this is because the pages returned by the
webserver do not have a "web page" extension in their
names such as ".html", as you can see from the link
above. If the pages had a standard extension I think
they could be cached in this way.
- the same problem occurs with TelePort Pro, a
3rd-party application I have used successfully for many

I can summarize this request as "please make the
FeedReader Webserver behave like a normal web server",
by using Relative links, and HTML filenames".


brian t
dublin, ireland


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