Error-Feedreeder - Bad Image

  • James Savage

    James Savage - 2004-10-21

    I receive a series of these windows error dialogs when trying to see beyond the headlines for an XML feed from phpwcms an open source CMS.

    The URLs I am testing are:

    These feeds are accepted by feedreader and headlines are displayed.  However, when I click on a headline I get the errors.  Interestingly, if I dont cancel the errors by clicking OK then I have on some occasions seen the additional text as expected.  Also, if I delay clicking on the headlines for a while after starting I can sometimes get one page up without error.

    The message from these error is:
    The application or DLL c:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1.ATH\LOCALS~1\Temp\SIntf16.dll is not a valid Windows image.  Please check this against your installation diskette.  [OK]

    I have also seen an associated windows error  - Unable to load function: FT_Thunk(KERNEL32.dl) which is fatal.

    Any ideas folks ?  Has anyone else seen this ?


    • Karsten Hoffrath

      Googleing for this file turns up informations about a copy protection.

      Then, why is it in a temp folder?

      Does this error appears if you open a link in a new browser too?

      You should scan your pc for malware.

      Sorry, i don't know where this error comes from.


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