OPML not compliant

  • Steve

    Steve - 2005-05-01

    I've tried at various points to export my OPML file. I get a file that looks good in Notepad, but it's somehow not compliant and no other feed reader will important it. Anyone dealt with this?

    • Guru Kathiresan

      Guru Kathiresan - 2005-05-02

      I exported my RSS Bandit feeds and tried importing them in FR, but FR doesnt seems to like them. I guess I need to check the source code myself to find whats wrong with the import module.

      -Guru Kathiresan

    • ssgelm

      ssgelm - 2005-05-02

      The problem seems to involve replacing characters with their html/xml equivalents.  The most common example I've found is replacing "&" with "&".  Try fixing this in the opml and it should work better.


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