arako - 2005-08-08


somehow my Delphi knowledge is not good enough to customize this myself, maybe one of you can help me:

I would like to to keep a team with 25 people up to date on different topics using RSS feeds. I got a page set up and all is pretty fine, just the update interval for our private channel is too long. I would like to have an automatic update e.g. every 20 seconds or so.

Have downloaded Delphi 2005 Architect trial and even found the point in the code where you would make the necessary changes...but I'm not able to compile it =:-(

In fact I'm not even sure it the source is imported properly as I'm always prompted about some missing forms, etc. when I trie to edit it.

Can someone help? Maybe send me a compiled version which can update the feed every 15 or 20 seconds?

Thanks so much in advance!