Feedreader 2.90 RC1 is available

  • Toomas Toots

    Toomas Toots - 2005-04-08


    There were quite a lot bugs from older version added in sourceforge. Now we fixed those bugs and also feature requests and put them to 2.90. So 2.90 should have less bugs and more features than 2.80.

    And it's available for testing NOW!

    What has changed?

    *Support for flaging articles
    *Filter support has gotten a lot more powerful (still much to do to get it to decent level)
    *search box moved to better place
    *support for searching articles by flags
    *Feedreader Webaccess is skinnable.
    *Possibility to limit Feedreader WebAccess to some feeds
    *Better favicon support
    *Possibility to pause Feedreader update process.
    *Custom notification sound support.
    *Delete support fo items in listview
    *Copy to folder functionality changed.
    *GREATEST THING IN MY OPINION: "Show only new headlines then selecting folder". Enable this in Feedreader properties and look what happens, if you select folder.

    Where to get it? 


    Where should I report bugs?

    Please report bugs in this thread. And ONLY bugs not feature requests.

    • DocEvil

      DocEvil - 2005-04-26

      i testet this Version now for the first time. Everything looks fine, but now i had a Problem.
      I want open the Link in the Title to read the whole news. But  this only functioned in the Feedreader, not in my default Bowser. I#m using Firefox 1.0.3. This is my one and only Browser...but every Preference i made nothing should open the Link on my Browser.
      Links are only opened in the Feedview from Feedreader...and this isn't funny :-((


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