OPML export can not be read by import

  • Anonymous - 2004-07-24

    Version 2.6.641

    When I export my feeds to an OPML list, I can not retrieve them using the import. The file is found, but when I press Display Available Feeds, the list stays empty

    • Anonymous - 2004-09-07

      I am havng the same problem - did you ever ever find a way around this ?

      • William Peckham

        William Peckham - 2004-09-30

        I also observer this problem, and over all versions that have the import/export features.  VERY interested in a solution.

        • joe321

          joe321 - 2004-10-01

          I think that unfortunately until somebody fixes this bug your only choice is to manually find the offending line, or lines, in your OPML file and correct or remove them.  In my situation above the problems were with the &'s that should have been &.   There are other things that can cause problems, such as problems with semicolons.   Here are a couple ways to find the problem.

          1. Logically remove / add lines or groups of lines from your OPML file using your favority text editor until you get it to import.  This is a time consuming hunt and peck way that can take a long.

          2. Try to import the OPML into some other RSS reader that specifically tells you something about the problems with the OPML.  For example SharpReader tells you the first problematic line that it runs across when trying to import an OPML... Then you can remove, or correct, the problem on the offending line and try again until it imports.

          When I had a small OPML I used the first method and discovered the & problems in several minutes.  Later when I had a big OPML I ran accross another problem with a semicolon and it would have taken way too long with method 1 so method 2 was used to find the problem in a few minutes.

    • joe321

      joe321 - 2004-09-08

      I have found that the OPML export from Feedreader contains the raw  "&" character which other readers, or feedreader itself, won't import.  If you edit the OPML file and replace all "&" characters with the HTML equivalent of "&" then the OPML may import.  Other readers specifically tell you about this problem, while feedreader just shows a blank list when it has problems.  There could be other problems too, but this one is the most likely cause that I have found.

      • Anonymous - 2004-09-08

        Unfortunatly didn't help - At least I can copy and post the URLs from the OPML file - it's just a bit irritating. I think maybe features that don't actually work should be removed or disabled. Apart from that this is a great application.

      • Anonymous - 2004-09-08

        After my last post and through a process of elimination I disovered the offending entry in my OPML file and is the following:

              <outline text="MSD2D SharePoint Administration" xmlUrl="http://msd2d.com/XML/WriteXML.aspx?section=Sharepoint"&amp;category=Administration" type="rss" version="RSS"></outline>

        I removed the entry and the file imported without problem.

    • Paul Kanterman

      Paul Kanterman - 2004-09-28

      I think this solution is only pertaining to your situation, unfortunately.  Anyone have other ideas?


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