Serious bug

  • Per

    Per - 2005-10-26

    Can't handle currently.

    When I click on the link it doesn't open in a browser window.

    Same with

    They work in other rss programs.

    (if they work for you good - but they don't work here, so there is a parsing  bug somewhere)

    • Canopus

      Canopus - 2005-10-26

      If you are referring to v 2.9 I've found there are a lot of bugs in it.  Revert to previous version or put up with it and wait for next version.


      • Canopus

        Canopus - 2005-11-02

        The version immediately prior to 2.9, think it was  I found it more bug free than 2.9 although 2.9 has improved features whenever the bugs get stomped on.


    • Per

      Per - 2005-11-02

      I'm always refering to the latest version. What previous version?


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