Multilanguage... You are sure ?

  • Olivier D. alias ze kat

    Hi, i'm french, sorry :o|

    Feature page said that FeedReader is multilanguage... But i dont found this setting :o(

    If needing, i can help you to translate it in french ;op

    • Karsten Hoffrath

      You just have to copy a translation file into the application data directory and rename it to translation.lng or translation.xml (depending which version you use).

      • Olivier D. alias ze kat

        I havent this files and i dont find model of translation.lng or translation.xml  :o(

        where i can download them ?

        And, you talk about /windows/.../aplication data/ folder ?

        • Karsten Hoffrath

          Download the latest build from
          The archive contains a file 'french.lng'.
          Overwrite your actual feedreader.exe with the new version.

          Now search for a file named 'feeds.xml'. Copy the file french.lng into the same directory where feeds.xml is located and rename it to translation.lng.

          Start FR. You should have a french version now.

    • Sergej Rinc

      Sergej Rinc - 2005-01-18

      What's going on here? You have an unofficial version, right? How translators can add their language to latest official FR build?


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