Not Able to read Headlines by start up


    When I start up Feedreader, I get a message that spells "not able to read headlines Parser error". And then feedreader starts to read al my feeds from the beginning. It doesn't matter if I have already read an update or not. All the post from a feed are given again as new. After marking the feeds as read, it works ok but as soon as I kill feedreader and start it up happens again.

    Can Anyone tell me what to do?  

    • John Copley

      John Copley - 2006-03-03

      Feedreader is very inflexible in its acceptance of feeds.  I recommend that you check your feeds with Feed Validator (htp:// This might identify a problem but you still might not be able to fix it.
      I have a feed from Microsoft which is incorrectly coded.  Feedreader will not read it but Opera will.


      Thanks for answering but that is not what I mean.
      When I start up feedreader, it does not seem to remember which posts are already old and read so from every feed I get all the posts again and again everytime I do a fresh start up. The feeds are working properly. Feedreader gives a report by starting up "not able to read headlines. Parser error"
      It worked perfectly for months and suddenly without a reason, this is the problem


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