Show Window not opening...

  • Kreative Knowledge

    When I double-click my feedreader icon in my task bar or right-click and select Show Window, nothing occurs.  I was receiving updates on the blogs I was subscribed to but I removed the program and re-installed.  Now I believe I have to re-setup my feeds.  However, the window will not open.

    One thing.  I was setup as using two screens yesterday at my client.  I can't remember if I put my feedreader window on the other screen.  However, when I turned off that feature, my other windows came back to may primary window properly.  Any chance that the feedreader window still believes it should be on an attached window?


    • Kreative Knowledge

      It was the two-window setting that did it.  For whatever reason, feedreader was to the right of my window.  The dual-window mode was not activated but I pressed the alt-space combination and ended up with the application control menu.  I selected move and was able to recover the window.  And my feeds were all still in tact.

      Whew!  That was odd.


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