Error # 407 when creating new feed

  • Totem

    Totem - 2004-08-10

    Trying to create a new feed to:

    gives the error # 407
    Is the error numbers documented somewhere?


    • Karsten Hoffrath

      I will look at it at the weekend.
      The error numbers are coming from the component used for retrivieng the raw data.

    • Totem

      Totem - 2004-10-10

      Hello, just wondering if this issue has been fixed?


    • James Moore

      James Moore - 2004-10-13

      I believe that this i a proxy error.   I had the same error today, but I can't figure out how to change my password for proxy on the configuration screen or where this information is saved.   ANy help there?

    • Lonny

      Lonny - 2004-10-19

      I've just entered the correct info for my network/proxy and still get 407 errors.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Alternative procedures?

    • Karsten Hoffrath

      I can add the feed without an error but don't get items.

      If i open the feed with Firefox, i get an "Error loading stylesheet" error.

      With IE i just get a page without items.

      Can you add other feeds?


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