Links will not open from retrieved web pages

  • dralph144

    dralph144 - 2006-02-04

    I had put this on the Bugs forum, but this forum may be more appropriate.  Links will not open from retrieved web pages. 
    Web pages retrieved by Feedreader do not permit the
    opening of links, such as to play the intended audio
    or video. E.g., from, you pick the RSS feed;
    no joy to hear the link sent by RSS. I have the
    latest version of Feedreader, WinXP Pro, SP2 and
    all updates. IE, latest version is default, Foxfire
    in reserve. The RSS feeds come through OK in the
    first instance, and the initial linked web page comes
    OK inside Feedreader when "Read On" is clicked. BUT,
    ARE CLICKED, such as for a video or audio play (NPR
    links, for one, but this is true of any web page
    link) the following message is displayed in a pop up
    window: "The displayed Web-Page is about to open
    a Popup-Window". Too bad, because the next web page
    never does open. Instead, the local hard drive
    folder "C:\Documents and Settings\user" opens for a
    nano-second, then displays a minimized tab at the
    bottom of the window. This is useless. The audio and
    video features of my system work just fine if they
    are accessed manually from a web page obtained
    indepently of Feedreader running. But, that is the
    whole purpose of Feedreader, so as not to fumble
    around in a separate browser, copying links
    manually. What can be done so that enclosed browser
    window in Feedreader opens the displayed links for
    audio or video in a new window, as the Feedreader
    popup window invites??? Thanks.

    • dralph144

      dralph144 - 2006-02-05

           OK, this works, though klunky. One can right click only one time, the first time, on the "read on" button, and get a fully functional independent new window. If one left clicks on "read on", then one gets a browser window that is embedded within Feedreader.  The embedded window does not permit any new window at all, no functionality of video, sound or other links.  So, do the left click early or not at all.  Verboten.


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