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Is this project dead?

  • Southpaw018

    Southpaw018 - 2005-02-16

    No updates in an eternity. No answer from toomastoots. If we can consider the development of Feedreader at an end despite several glaring bugs, it might be time to find a new aggregator despite how much I like this one.

    Any ideas?

    • Pash

      Pash - 2005-02-16

      Yeah, for me this Project is dead since half a year. Try SharpReader (, it works perfect and got no Bugs... But it's written in c# (So you need the .NET).

      Or try OmeaReader (Freeware Edt.) or RSS Bandit (but it has BUGs too... :( )

      So for me... i installed NET and got Feeds without any anoing errors!!

    • Karsten Hoffrath

      I'm working on a successor on FeedReader. If there is something to show i will post here.

    • Per

      Per - 2005-09-17

      No thanks.


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