auto-eliminate double entries?

  • Ace_NoOne

    Ace_NoOne - 2004-09-26

    Hello there,

    what has always been bothering me about some newsfeeds is the fact that if you refresh regularly, some(!) will send you items you already downloaded in the previous run. This means you'll often have the same item twice (or more) in your list.
    Even though I don't really know how newsfeeds work, technically, I'll just assume that's an issue only the provider of the newsfeed can really solve.
    However, wouldn't it be possible to have FeedReader filter and delete such doublets automatically?

    • Justin Fletcher

      Justin Fletcher - 2004-09-26

      If the entry is the same, then it will not be given again. In fact, just about every feed will contain the same entries.

      As best I can tell (without looking at the source, 'cos I'm busy with other things), the entries must match in terms of the main title, link and date. The description may change without the entry being flagged as new. This latter is a minor annoyance but doesn't bother me significantly at present.

      If you have an example of a feed that duplicates entries then please include it.

      I have noticed (and I think it was mentioned before) that if you quit FeedReader, it doesn't necessarily save all the entries for the feed. When you re-run it those entries appear again because they aren't in the list of those that have been seen and are therefore new to FeedReader this session.

      • Ace_NoOne

        Ace_NoOne - 2004-09-26

        Here's one (German) example:,5291,,00.xml - I've had FeedReeder running all day (no reboot or anything), and now have the very same items up to four times in the list.
        Another example would be GameSpot's newsfeeds (e.g.\).

        So I don't seem to have this auto-elimination you mentioned (I do have FeedReader v2.7 though)!?

        • Justin Fletcher

          Justin Fletcher - 2004-09-26

          If you didn't have the auto-elimination I mentioned then every time the feed updated, EVERY article would be duplicated in the list.

          If you want to see the auto-elimination in use, press 'update feed', mark the entire feed as read and then press 'update feed'. No articles should appear (unless they were added in the last couple of second between your two updates).

          More likely is that they're updating the feed and either the headlines or the links are changing. I'll leave it running and see if the entries appear duplicated here. If they do then we should be able to see why.

          If you see a duplicated entry after this post, stick a post back including the headline that's duplicated and I'll see if I can get the same thing to happen here.

          • Justin Fletcher

            Justin Fletcher - 2004-09-26

            I think I've seen the problem. Two different versions of the feed are being supplied. I'll post more details when I find out more - it might take me half an hour or so to get enough information to be confident though.

            • Justin Fletcher

              Justin Fletcher - 2004-09-26

              Got it :-)

     contains a text file describing the problem and 4 downloaded files from the Spiegel servers which back up my findings.

              Basically there are a number of caches involved, one of which, I believe, is processing the feed and in the process generating new data.

              I don't speak German so it would be difficult for me to get this across to the site maintainers in question; as I presume that you do, Ace, could you forward on my findings to the site maintainer please ?

              The caches in question are not within the Spiegel domain, but they might be their upstream provider, or they might have some relationship to their content. Regardless, those caches are changing the content of the file which they shouldn't be.

              If you disagree (or the site maintainers do) with my findings, can you please post back - I do monitor this forum, so any responses would be helpful.

              • Ace_NoOne

                Ace_NoOne - 2004-09-26

                Wow, thanks for the effort!
                I'll look into that tomorrow; it's a bit problematic for me because I don't know anything about the technical basis of the problem, but I'll try to translate it so the people at Spiegel will understand - hopefully.

    • Gavin Kingsley

      Gavin Kingsley - 2004-10-10

      In terms of duplicated entries I appear to have opposite problem. I am using FeedReader to monitor a local Wiki site but it appears to eliminate update notices for any page that you have been previously notified for.

      Perhaps this is a problem at the Wiki engine end of things. We are using Very Quick Wiki which generates a title of PageName has changed and in the contents UserName has changed PageName. Could it be because the title and contents don't change much FeedReader thinks it is a duplicated entry.

      On the other hand I seem to be getting a similar effect for my weather feed. If I have had this temperature/conditions before FeedReader doesn't seem to update it.

      Any thoughts anyone? I am not a Wiki nor Feed expert.


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