• Christophe Deltheil

    Hi, and thanks for the good work.

    I have just just 2 questions:
    1) Why going on using RX lib instead of JVCL, because now RX is integrated and maintained in JVCL.
    2) Why not using  the last Extended Document Object Model v.3.1.17 component (2005-02-20)? You use the 2.3 version..


    • Christophe Deltheil

      Thank very much for your response. If you don't care about users, close this forum. Forum = Question-> answer.

    • Karsten Hoffrath

      At the moment i'm not active on this project, but let me try to answer your questions:

      1) The time of the active developers is limited. The question is: Should they invest their time into new features, bugfixes, etc. or switch from RX to JvRX where the projects doesn't gain much?

      2) The last time i looked at the xml part of FR, it used a library which formatted the output of the OpenXML components (the normal format is one long line of text). I don't know if this library works with the latest OpenXML version. Another point is that the OpenXML api changed a lot between the version FR uses and the actual version. If the developers would switch to the latest OpenXML version they would have to put a lot of time into this task, to get it working again. I know that for the long term it is planned to switch from saving the data into xml files to another storage form. So i bet it won't happen that FR will use newer versions of OpenXML.

      Since both libraries are in cvs using the "old" versions isn't a problem.


    • Christophe Deltheil

      Thank you very much, Karsten.


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