open Feeder deserve open browser?

Andrew C
  • Andrew C

    Andrew C - 2004-08-04

    Have you considered using Mozilla components instead of the IE component? There is some info on it at:

    ...might be a little old though. (Yes, I love my Firefox)

    • Anonymous - 2004-09-06

      I was about to post the same observation. I have many problems with explorer and consequently, also with feedreader...

    • Marc Duerst

      Marc Duerst - 2004-09-06

      had a look for the mozilla embedded component. unfortunately feedreader uses a special wrapper control around the IE control which does some extra work to handle the IE control. to make use of the mozilla browser one have to re-write this wrapper control (or at least its functionallity) to handle things useing mozilla. this means that it is not that simple as i first thought. ...just to let you know there was some work spent for this ;-)


    • Jeff D. Hanson

      Jeff D. Hanson - 2004-10-13

      Until this gets fixed, I would be happy if there was a way to disable the IE component completely.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2004-10-16

      Disable IE completely?
      Well... I also like Mozilla, but the unfortunate fact is that the majority of people use IE.

      Ultimately, I am sure that Feedreader will support all browsers.


    • Hal1901

      Hal1901 - 2004-10-22

      I can't get any of the "open in new window", "change browser user agent", or "open links in new browser window" using IE or Firefox.

      Is anyone NOT having a problem with this, and is there anything I can do about it?

      Also, it would be nice to have an option to prevent the "do you want to close feedreader" dialogue every time I close Feedreader.

      Other than these two issues, Feedreader is perfect!!  ;-)

      Best wishes!


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