@ character in HTML view

  • Marc Duerst

    Marc Duerst - 2005-03-22

    When the topic is shown in html mode the @-character can not be entered in form-fields. Seems it get "eaten" by the keyboard-handler somehow. Maybe something like to Z was in earlier versions.

    cheers, marc

    • Toomas Toots

      Toomas Toots - 2005-03-23

      Are you entering @ by using Right alt button + other button? I think problems lies somewhere there. I cannot enter @ myself, too.

      Will check it out...

      • Marc Duerst

        Marc Duerst - 2005-03-23

        I use the right ALT key (labeld "Alt Gr") and "2" on my swiss german keyboard.

        I have no current sourcecode of feedreader here to look in. Maybe you have a keyboard-handler (like OnKeydown) that only ask the 2-key and set the Key-Parameter to "0" without checking the ShiftState (Alt). Just as an idea. Or one of the components is "eating" the keystroke.

        cheers, marc


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